Do You Have Your Road Map?

What is it I love about what we do...? I love the fact I am able to work with small companies and advise them on reducing taxes and making more profit by creating and implementing a tailored plan to fit each clients needs. My favorite question to ask a new client is what do you want in the next 5 to 10 year? This allows me to develop a detailed outline of how the client can achieve their goals.

Many clients have often cited no service from their CPAs and often come in skeptical of what we do. After the initial consultation I write the tax and financial plan taking into consideration their goals for business expansion, business and personal finances, personal well being, life balance & work time, succession planning, etc. The written plan is discussed in every detail with the client and finalized into a road map of goal success that is to be followed by all. Over the next five years I will check on the road map which was developed to ensure we are following what we set to accomplish and if we stray we address the root of the problem in attempt to get back on track. Every business, every individual can achieve what they dream of as success.

Our approach is not for everyone. We require clients that are wiling to accept our recommendations and education, take an aggressive approach to business and take the time to understand what we are recommending to make them more successful & balanced. I personally promise our clients are in better shape both financially and well being after working with us over 3 to 5 year period.

We invest our heart and soul into your business to help you achieve what you want as much as you do. Our approach is not something that you have ever experienced before. We are a hands on firm that requires communication to assist and help plan for your goals.

Lets have some fun increasing the success of your finances and well being.

Daniel A. Slagle CPA

Founder & Managing Member

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Member : Ohio Society of CPAs, AccountantsWorld, Jackson Belden Chamber of Commerce

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